Why Daughters Need their Dads!


When a girl’s first date is with her father,  all other men must measure up. ~Author Unknown   But what happens when a girl’s father is not actively engaged in her life? Often times she … [Continue reading]

Love-Ed vs. Sex-Ed

Love Book

  I think we miss the boat when we spend so much time talking to teens about sex when the better conversation is one about “love!” When a young … [Continue reading]

Standing Out or Fitting In: Which is your teen doing?

Girl Standing Out From the Crowd - Isolated

Welcome back to my blog series, “Teens Tell All: Top 20 Reasons Why Teens DO and DON’T Have Sex” As I mentioned in my introduction video, I have grouped all of the reasons that high school girls have sex into five different … [Continue reading]

Do You Know What’s On Their List?


The common assumption is that teen girls are having sex because guys are pressuring them into doing so, and that is often not the case.  What may surprise you and what I am hearing from 8th grade girls is oftentimes their decision to have sex is … [Continue reading]

National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Kickoff

Welcome to the kickoff of my blog post series in support of National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. The series is titled: “Teens Tell All: Top 20 Reasons Why Teens DO and DON’T Have Sex” Check out the … [Continue reading]

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Assault


On May 1st, I will begin my blog series “Teens Tell All: Top 20 Reasons why Teens DO and DON’T Have Sex,” in support of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. However, I decided to address one of those reasons this week since … [Continue reading]

Protecting Innocence or Promoting Ignorance?


  There are times when I speak to 8th grade students and am really torn about how much information to share because the experiences of the students are SO extreme. High school students say they love that I “keep it … [Continue reading]

Boundaries: Who Needs Them?


WE ALL DO! I tell students they will never outgrow their need for boundaries and the sooner they learn to establish and maintain them the easier it will be for them to do so later in life. Unfortunately, many students are not being … [Continue reading]

TRUTH that Sets them Free!

Every word that came out of your mouth was the truth.  The truth shall set me free now thanks to you. ~High School Student   Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth—that’s what teenagers want, … [Continue reading]

Investment is Better than Sacrifice


I am always in search of analogies, quotes or stories to use in the classroom to help students understand the benefits of abstaining from sexual activity. I would much rather spend my time focusing on the benefits of abstaining from sex than the … [Continue reading]