Lessons from a Great Father!

Mr. Charles Johnson and his sons, Terrence (center) and Terrell (right)

    It is easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men. ~Frederick Douglass     Last week I introduced you to Mr. Charles Johnson, who raised an adult son who made and has … [Continue reading]

The Measure of Manhood

Mr. Charles Johnson and his son, Terrell.

In February of 2012, I was speaking for a youth organization and the young ladies in the audience began lamenting about how it would be impossible to find a young man who would be willing to wait for sex even if they had decided to wait. … [Continue reading]

Why High School Boys Say “NO” to Sex!

Thank you so much for coming to talk to my class, I have a new perspective when I think about sex. I have a girlfriend of thirteen months, and when you mentioned that if you love someone you keep their best interest at heart, it really spoke to me. … [Continue reading]

When Boys Think Sex = Manhood

I appreciate you for not giving up on teens. I thought the presentation was informative and realistic, especially the part about guys being pressured into having sex. Sometimes it feels like society wants us to have sex, like we aren’t really … [Continue reading]

Why High School Girls Say “NO” to Sex!

I value and respect myself so I know I'm worth more than some physical pleasure with no commitment! Finally! A post in my series where I share some good news with you. Today I'm talking about all of the reasons high schools girls … [Continue reading]

Does She Know Her Worth?

If a girl doesn't know her worth, she will settle for what someone else is willing to spend; and she won't even know she got cheated. For the past few weeks, I have been sharing the top reasons teens tell me they have sex. If … [Continue reading]

Why Daughters Need their Dads!


When a girl’s first date is with her father,  all other men must measure up. ~Author Unknown   But what happens when a girl’s father is not actively engaged in her life? Often times she … [Continue reading]

Love-Ed vs. Sex-Ed

Love Book

  I think we miss the boat when we spend so much time talking to teens about sex when the better conversation is one about “love!” When a young … [Continue reading]

Standing Out or Fitting In: Which is your teen doing?

Girl Standing Out From the Crowd - Isolated

Welcome back to my blog series, “Teens Tell All: Top 20 Reasons Why Teens DO and DON’T Have Sex” As I mentioned in my introduction video, I have grouped all of the reasons that high school girls have sex into five different … [Continue reading]

Do You Know What’s On Their List?


The common assumption is that teen girls are having sex because guys are pressuring them into doing so, and that is often not the case.  What may surprise you and what I am hearing from 8th grade girls is oftentimes their decision to have sex is … [Continue reading]