Begin with the END in mind!


I had an interesting conversation in class today with a 17-year-old young man who was very open about the fact that he used marijuana and had sex. During the class, I asked him if he would want his future child to use marijuana or have sex … [Continue reading]

Kill the spider!

I heard a message from a minister years ago that stuck with me because the truth of it resonated within.  His sermon topic was entitled, “Kill the Spider.”  It was a simple message with a core principle that could apply … [Continue reading]

Hope for a Generation!


When I started my blog, I said you should prepare to be shocked, amazed, burdened, heart broken yet encouraged. Today is a day to be encouraged! The letter below brought a smile to my face and definitely gave me hope for this generation. … [Continue reading]

An Angel with a crooked halo


    If you read my very first blog post, you may recall me stating that this blog is my attempt to sound the alarm and let adults know how much this generation of youth NEEDS us! The letter below should provide proof … [Continue reading]

A Day in the Life of a Sex Ed Teacher!


Every time I think I’ve heard it all and there is nothing any student could say that would shock me, I am proven wrong.  A student will say something that will bring me to my knees, as I ask God to help this generation of youth. I recently … [Continue reading]

Birth Control is NOT Disease Control!

Birth Control

I received this email message from a high school health teacher today: Jackie, I have a student who is at a loss for words.  She recently had sex for the first time and has now been diagnosed with herpes.   She is a … [Continue reading]

Just Say YES!


For some reason, when people hear that I teach abstinence many just assume it is a “Just say NO!” message and that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is actually a “Just say YES!” message. I challenge the students to … [Continue reading]

Baby steps…

Baby's Feet

Ms. Jackie, The speech that you gave to our class the other day was flawless. You made me actually think about the things I do and why. There are far more things that are more important to me than having sex, but I never thought past my … [Continue reading]

How do children spell “LOVE?”


[Continue reading]

My Secret to Success!

Briona & Jackie

This is one of my favorite success stories. Three years ago I received the following Facebook message from Briona Johnson, the young lady in this picture: … [Continue reading]