How to Empower Daughters Who Don’t Have Engaged Dads!

Imagine what it would be like if every daughter had a healthy relationship with a great father who validates, protects, guides and provides for her. Talk about (dad)vantages. We could retire the term "daddy issues" once and for … [Continue reading]

How to Help Physically Present, Emotionally Absent Fathers Engage with Their Daughters

I'm so glad you're back for the third post of my Let's Talk Teens with Dr. Tartt series. Thank you so much for sharing the first two posts with your friends on social media, and for the great feedback you've … [Continue reading]

The (Dad)vantages of an Involved Father in a Teen Girl’s Life

Welcome back to the second post in my Let's Talk Teens with Dr. Tartt series. Hopefully, you found last week's discussion about the #1 issue facing teen girls today as insightful as I did. If you missed it, go here to catch … [Continue reading]

The #1 Issue Facing Teen Girls Today? Hint: It’s Probably Not What You Think!

For years, moms have approached me to “counsel” their daughters one-on-one. Hoping I can determine whether underlying issues have contributed to them making poor sexual decisions. And I get it. Teen girls’ sexual … [Continue reading]

Celebrating One Year, 7 Secrets & 3,000+ Girls Impacted

7 Secrets Flyer for October 15th

One year. 7 Secrets. 3,000+ girls impacted. Either from reading 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You themselves or from learning about the Secrets during my presentations. Unlocking the 7 Secrets has made it possible for me to educate and … [Continue reading]

How I’m Expanding Your Daughter’s Pool of Guys She Could Marry

Wedding Day Hands

People ask me all the time why I focus on teen girls in my posts.  “What about the guys?” they ask. And I get the concern. We’ve been guilty as a culture of blaming and shaming girls for their sexual decisions. … [Continue reading]

What Teen Guys “Get” About Commitment That Teen Girls Don’t!

People in love with african little girl and boy holding hands in park. Cropped view

In last week’s post, I talked about how girls view sex as “forever,” and guys do not.  It is the same thing with commitment. Teen girls imagine a “happily ever after” while guys think “we’re monogamous … [Continue reading]

Knowing This One Thing Can Help Your Daughter Bypass #Back2School Heartache

beauty girl cry

Wow! I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end of my #Back2School with Jackie B series. I was excited to share this series with you because so much of what happens in a teen girl’s life happens at school. Good and … [Continue reading]

Three #Back2School Conversations You NEED to Have With Your Daughter!

teen daughter and mother talking

Welcome back to my #Back2School with Jackie B blog post series. I hope you’ve found the first two posts to be helpful for both you and your daughter as she kicks off a new school year. You especially want to make sure your daughter has … [Continue reading]

10 Things Every Girl Needs for #Back2School You Won’t Find on a Supply List

B2S Checklist

Welcome back to the second post of my #Back2School with Jackie B. series. If you live in the Southeast like I do, you’re probably cart-deep in #Back2School shopping for your daughter.  New clothes. New uniforms. New backpack. … [Continue reading]