10 Ways to Raise a Daughter Who’s F.A.B. (Focused, Authentic & Brave)

I talk a lot on the blog about the role fathers play in teen girls' lives.

There's no question that girls who have a healthy relationship with their fathers reap the "(DAD)vantages."

But today, I want to focus on the role mothers play in teen girls' lives.

Because girls who have a healthy relationship with their mothers enjoy (MOM)entum in life. (I know it's cheesy but work with me here). wink

Remember at the beginning of this school year, when I shared the 10 things every teen girl needed for Back2School (and for life), that you wouldn't find on a supply list?

I even included a special download for your daughter called 10 Things Every Teen Girl Needs to be F.A.B. (Focused, Authentic & Brave).

Today, in honor of Mother's Day, I have something just for you!

10 Ways to Raise a Daughter Who's F.A.B. (Focused, Authentic & Brave):

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