10 Things Every Girl Needs for #Back2School You Won’t Find on a Supply List

Welcome back to the second post of my #Back2School with Jackie B. series. If you live in the Southeast like I do, you’re probably cart-deep in #Back2School shopping for your daughter. 

B2S ChecklistNew clothes. New uniforms. New backpack. New school supplies. 

All are important items to have for the new year.

But if you really want to make sure your daughter is prepared for #Back2School, make sure she stocks up on the following 10 things you won’t find on any supply list:

  1. CONFIDENCE…in who she is—her unique gifts, talents and dreams for the future. Not just how she looks.
  2. GOALS…for what she wants to accomplish this school year. And I don't mean #RelationshipGoals.
  3. COURAGE…to say NO, and understand that NO is a complete sentence. No explanation or justification is needed.
  4. FRIENDS…who share her values and help hold her accountable.
  5. SELF-RESPECT…to know what’s in her best interests and honor it!
  6. INDIVIDUALITY…to stand out from the crowd and own who she is.
  7. HIGH EXPECTATIONS…for the type of person she will date and never settling for less than she deserves.
  8. DISCERNMENT…to recognize when guys are only telling her what they think she wants to hear.
  9. BOUNDARIES…to prevent the “It just happened” from happening.
  10. THANK YOU CARDS…to send to any guy who breaks up with her because she won't have sex. ?

The great thing about my #Back2School checklist? Everything is FREE!

It’ll only cost you a little time, lots of love, attention and affirmation each day.

Supply your daughter with these 10 things and I promise, she won’t just be ready for school.

She’ll be ready for life!

checklist-01-5Even better, go here for a FREE downloadable copy of the checklist!

Your daughter can hang it up in her locker, slide it into the cover of a binder, or place it in a pretty frame. I encourage her to use it as a daily reminder of what she really needs to be successful in and outside of school.

And don’t forget to share this blog post with the moms of your daughter’s friends and on your social media sites.

Click here for additional #Back2School resources, like my book 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You and The Sex Talk that Every Teen Girl Needs to Hear DVD.

Happy School Year!


  1. I love them all, but I so love number 10. I would like to get my girls mentoring program to create some of the 'Thank You" cards. It would be interesting to see what they would say. 

    Thank you for this post.

    • Jackie Brewton says:

      Thanks Roslin. Most adults like #10. The girls in the classroom think it’s pretty cute too. One girl said she was going to end her Thank You card with, “I would wish you the BEST, but you already had it.” LOL! Too cute!

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