2014: My Year in Review!

It’s hard to believe that the first two weeks of 2015 have already passed. I’m hoping that’s not an indication of what’s in store for the balance of the year—time moving so fast that I barely remember it.

Each year, as I assemble the data to share my review of the previous year, I’m always blown away when I look at the numbers.


But, for me it’s not about the numbers. What I remember most are the individual students, their faces and their stories. Oftentimes, heart-wrenching stories. And other times, stories that warm my heart.

I always thought that I wanted to lose my virginity with a guy I loved and dated for at least two years, maybe around junior or senior year in high school. That was before I first heard you in the 8th grade. Now I know for a fact that I won’t be having sex in high school, nor college because I know how selfish that would be.

So thank you Ms. Jackie!

Thank you for making what my parents said real enough that there’s no longer any consideration.

Thank you for making me feel like it’s okay to be a virgin in high school.

Lastly, thank you for preventing me from being that girl, that girl that had so much potential, the girl that was way too smart, the girl that could’ve been great but now is pregnant in high school with a deadbeat baby daddy, living check to check, never able to catch up or give that child everything it wants or needs and probably have a few more on the way.

You’ve saved me, and many others, that fate and I thank you for that.

Reading letters like this gives me chills. It’s humbling to think that God could use me to present a message that has such an impact on this young lady’s life, and hopefully also the life of her future child(ren).

Though I hope middle and high school students follow through with the commitments they make, I don’t always know if that’s the case. So, it’s always exciting when former students reach out to me after they graduate. Receiving the Facebook message below was another highlight of 2014.

I'm writing this message to get information on how to get another [abstinence] pledge card. I received my [pledge] card when I was in 8th grade and I’m now in college, in a relationship and I want to renew my pledge and get a card for my boyfriend. Is there any way you can help me? The card would mean [the world] to us. I want it as a commitment to our relationship and God.

How encouraging to know that more than four years after this young lady heard my message, it’s still impacting her choices. These are the letters/stories that keep me excited about going back to schools, year after year. And I’m looking forward to seeing new faces and hearing new stories in 2015.

I’m also looking forward to recording a DVD for parents and finally publishing my first book for teen girls. I would love for you to send me an email periodically asking how both projects are coming along. I need all the accountability partners I can get. smiley

What are you looking forward to in 2015 and how can I help you?


  1. Dave Perry says:

    I am following up on your personal prayer requests.  Last time we exchanged emails I told you i was praying for PPPS(Protection, Power,Purpose, Service)  Any changes or updates.  I've been offered a package to voluntarily retire before 6/30/15.  Kay and I believe we will accept it.  The real decision is where does God want us to go?


    • Jackie Brewton says:

      Hi Dave, Thank you so much for your continued prayers! I so appreciate them! I still need prayer for PPPS….Also pray for Supernatural wisdom in writing this book. That’s so exciting about the voluntary package. I can’t wait to see where goes leads you next. Please keep me posted.

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