2017 in Review: The Year of the Parent

Happy New Year!

I hope your 2018 is off to a great start!

I've already had two assemblies and taught four classes each day for two days.

After a much-needed break, it was great to get back to what I love.

As I mentioned last week, this is the time of year when I do my annual review.

And let me tell you, 2017 was amazing! laugh

2017_ReviewA Year of Many Firsts

I alone cannot change the world; but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~Mother Theresa

My goal every year is to create more ripples.

Check out the timeline below to see how I was able to do just that in 2017.


I hosted my first webinar for moms, 7 Secrets Your Teen Daughter Will Never Tell You.

I used the power of technology to inform moms of secrets young ladies have confided in me after class and in their letters. 

Secrets that can scar them well into adulthood if not addressed head-on.

The one person best suited to do thatTheir mothers. Not me!

The response to the webinar was so incredible that I offered it again in August.

Keep your eyes open for it to be released soon as a Masterclass that you will be able to view at any time on my website. 


I hosted another webinar, The Daddy-Daughter Dynamic: How Engaged Fathers Lead to Empowered Daughters.

This webinar broke down the top four reasons why daughters need their dads.

I also shared what fathers can do to be the actively engaged fathers their daughters need, and how mothers can fill in the gap if their daughters’ fathers aren’t.

Again, there was a great response from the mothers and fathers who attended.


I spoke at a "Mother-Daughter Tea" for the first time. 

The moms had an opportunity to hear what I typically share with girls.

And the daughters had the chance to hear what I typically share with mothers.

The result?

I was able to help mothers and daughters get on the same page so they could have their own open conversations about love, sex, and relationships at home. 

The presentation was such a success that I’ve decided to permanently add it to my list of presentation topics that I offer.


I received a request to fly to Washington, D.C. to speak at a “Father-Daughter Dance” for the U.S. Army later this month.

This is an annual event, but the first time they will have a Keynote Speaker.

I’m honored to be their first.

And thankful that my Daddy-Daughter Dynamic webinar in June was the perfect preparation for this event.

The Year of the Parent!

If you had told me this time last year that my focus in 2017 would be parents, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Though I’ve always been willing to speak to moms and dads, my ‘sweet spot’ has always been speaking to teens. 

But you want to know one of my biggest "light bulb" moments from 2017?

Realizing that my role should be to equip and empower parents to be the first line of education for their teens about love, sex, and relationships.

It turns out I had been doing that all year via my webinars and workshops.

And each webinar/workshop prepared me for the next step.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you end up just where you need to be without it being intentional?

I like to think of it as divine direction.

But don't worry.

I will continue to create resources for teens in the future.

I'll just do so with the intent of them being used as tools for parents to guide their teens vs. me guiding their teens.

That said, my plan is to be more intentional in creating resources to educate, equip and empower parents.

I’ve already created one such resource, the How to Have the Tough Conversations with Your Teen Daughter e-course.

This virtual coaching session walks you through three of the most difficult conversations moms come to me for help with.

Discover how to talk to your daughter about abstaining when you didn't, pornography, and rape/molestation.

Minus all of the awkwardness.

Stay tuned for the official release in the coming months.

Changing the world, one ripple at a time!

I always like to end this annual post by sharing one of my favorite letters that I received:

When I first heard of your arrival, I thought ‘If she thinks she’s going to convince me to stop having sex, she’s got another thought coming.' Throughout your presentation, I was continuously educated. Everything you said made sense and differed from the conversations of my parents because not even they were knowledgeable of many things you presented. The desire to have sex was itching around my body. I was literally getting ready to have sex with a guy. Then you came along and I started thinking, ‘What the heck am I doing?’ My self-value and respect have become more important. Thank you for raising my confidence. What you do, no one does better. I will be recommending your book to my girl scout troop of 30 girls. -High School Girl

This is exactly the ripple effect that I strive for.

I also strive to make 2018 all about you. ?

But I need your help!

What topic(s) you would like to see me address on the blog this year?

Leave your suggestions in the comments box below or email them to info@jackiebrewton.com.

Tell me how I can best help you help your daughter.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for more videos from yours truly and more expert interviews.

2018 is shaping up to be an awesome year.

I hope you'll stick around for the ride!

P.S. Don't forget to leave your blog topic suggestions in the box below or email them to info@jackiebrewton.com.

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