7 Secrets Book Update: The Ultimate Guide Every Teen Girl Needs

Shortly after I shared in a post in April that my book would be released in July, an unexpected obstacle caused a delay in the release of the book. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to finally getting the book into the hands of young ladies who so desperately need to read it. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the delay was a blessing in disguise.

After things didn’t work out with the first graphic designer I hired, I found a book des7SecretsCoverInteriorigner who provided advice that will result in me publishing a much better product.  One of the first things he recommended was a redesign of the book cover.

How do you like the new design?

He also recommended a different method of printing that would allow me to add color to the interior at a reasonable cost.

Taking my own advice!

When I speak to girls about their relationships, I share the following:

The enemy of best is not bad; the enemy of best is good!

How ironic that I was fully prepared to publish what I thought was a “good” book, until my book designer, Michael Rohani, showed me how I could publish a “best” book.

That’s the benefit of having the wisdom of an expert to guide you. And that’s why I wrote 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships.

I want teen girls to realize their worth is not defined by their relationship status. And if they choose to be in a relationship, 7 Secrets empowers them to make healthy choices and not settle for the Player or even the Good Guy. Not when there are Best Guys out there who will have their best interests at heart, and wait!

Reviews Are In!

I shared the manuscript with about ten people and asked them to read it and provide their feedback. Even though I believed I had written a great book, I still held my breath waiting to hear what others thought about the book.

I was so elated when I received the first endorsement that I could hardly contain myself.

Honest, direct, and compassionate all in one. I wish I had read this book before every relationship, even in college. The truth written on these pages has the power to transform girls into ambitious, confident, and driven women who will know their worth. –Gretchen Kaufman, 23-year-old graduate student

Then I received the second endorsement:

This is an amazing book! 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You not only encourages girls like me to choose celibacy, but also to gain enough respect for ourselves that we command it from others. It reminds us that we are priceless, and should never settle when it comes to decisions about love, sex and relationships. –Taylor Dortch, 16-year-old student

I’ve received endorsements from parents of teen girls and guys, a psychologist, a teen boy, a teacher, a director of a mentoring program for teen girls and every endorsement has been glowing.

7 Secrets is for the teen girl in your life who has ever questioned her worth outside of a relationship, felt insecure within one, or ever wondered what guys think about love, sex and relationships. Allow me to be her guide.

The cost of the book is $15.99. Its message to teen girls is priceless.

The good news is the book is being printed as I type this post! Click here to pre-order your copy today!  

If you pre-order the book prior to October 8th, I will autograph it and provide FREE shipping.

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