An Angel with a crooked halo




If you read my very first blog post, you may recall me stating that this blog is my attempt to sound the alarm and let adults know how much this generation of youth NEEDS us!

The letter below should provide proof of that need:


Dear Miss Jackie,

I started having sex my first year of high school. Out of my whole four years, I have had nine sex partners. Now that I look back I wish I could have had someone like you to tell me it wasn’t worth it then.

I started having sex because I felt seen and loved. I lowered myself and gave into guys who told me those three words that every girl wants to hear: ‘I love you.’ I don’t think I would be like this and so f%*&ed up in the head, if I had the love of my parents and not the love of guys…I hope you can teach other kids my age that love is in our heart and not in our pants.

Miss Jackie, you’re the best. I love how you see the best in all of us. We really need more people like you that care about us.

Signed, An Angel with a crooked halo

P.S. You touched me to the point where you had me in tears and I never cry.

I love how she signed her letter by calling herself an angel. At the very least that tells me she realizes that she is still a good person despite her poor choices. ALL young people are good people! They just make poor choices sometimes.


This young lady said young people need more people like me who care about them. Another teen shared a similar sentiment:

What I liked most about your presentation is the fact that you showed general interest in us and our futures. Whether our generation admits it or not, we like to know that we matter to someone and are cared about. 

I know there are MANY other adults besides myself who care about young people. Young people just need to KNOW it! The only way they can KNOW it is for adults to SHOW it!

“How can I show it,” you ask? It’s actually easier than you think. Listed below are simple ways you can show young people that you care about them and thereby make a difference in their lives:

  • Acknowledge them. Look them in the eye when you speak to them.
  • Listen to them. REALLY listen!
  • Spend time with them. Invite them to join you on your family outings.
  • Believe in them. Expect GREATNESS from them.
  • Mentor them (even if it’s not part of a formal mentoring program).

I would love to hear any ideas you may have about making a difference in the lives of young people. Feel free to share your ideas below.



  1. I am starting to the discussion of a book with a young lady who's new to my life. She's like a daughter to my new husband and now she has me. I'm often taken aback by how young women view me. They don't want much, yet I always feel inadequate, like I don't have much to offer. But what I have is my life – my time, my love and encouragement. That's what we all have and it's priceless. It could be as simple as reading a book together. We all have something to give. We just have to find our gift and offer it to the young people surrounding us. Thank you for sharing this Jackie.  

    • Monica, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. She will be so blessed to have you in her life. You are so right when you said, "We all have something to give." I wish I could get adults to understand that kids don't really require a lot–they just want to know that someone cares for them. I LOVE your ideas!

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