Discover How a 26-year-old Man Found Peace After Giving up Sex

One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet so many awesome young people. Several of whom I’ve also had the privilege of mentoring. These young adults not only walk the walk by practicing abstinence post high-school/college, but they also talk the talk by sharing their insight and experiences with middle and high school students, parents and/or anyone who’ll listen.

My mentees are one of the reasons why I remain encouraged to continue teaching my unique brand of Sex-Ed message. They prove that it can and does resonate with both girls and guys, including mentee Korey Harris.

An Interview with Korey

At 26 years old, Korey is a student-athlete, author and entrepreneur with his own athletic training company. He has also been celibate for more than two years.

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Why Single Moms Need to “Think like a Dad!”

woman thinking

An 8th grade girl approached me after class recently asking if she could speak with me about something I had spoken about in class—the dangers of dating older guys.

She told me she had a wonderful boyfriend who was older than she was, respected her and did not put any pressure on her to have sex. She added that she didn’t understand the big deal about dating an older guy as long as he wasn’t pressuring her to have sex. I asked her how old her boyfriend was and she answered “19,” immediately adding that she’s “almost 15” as if the “almost” made the age difference any less significant.

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How a Dad Turned his Daughter Against Marriage!

Broken MarriageTypically we think of women being the ones who bash guys/men or use stereotypical statements when describing them. I recently received a letter from a young lady whose father was the one who bashed guys and in turn convinced her that she never wanted to get married because there were no “good guys” out there.

Dear Ms. Jackie,

When you came to talk to my class, I had already made up my mind that I wouldn’t wait until I got married to have sex. The main reason I had made up my mind about not waiting till I got married was because I wasn’t planning on ever getting married.

I have always had a very close relationship with my dad, and he has hammered into my head since a young age that all guys are the same. They just want to have sex. For the longest time, I have believed he was right. But when you came in and read some of the letters from guys and told the stories about the decent guys, it gave me hope that one day I will find a good, faithful guy…I now fully intend to wait.

Thank you so much for coming in and talking to us, and please keep doing what you’re doing. There are so many futures you are saving.

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Boys will be boys! Or will they?

sincerityA couple of weeks ago I conducted an assembly with 200+ high school junior and senior guys. About 15-20 minutes into the presentation, a young man raised his hand and asked the following question, “Are you telling us that we shouldn’t have sex?” He wasn’t trying to be confrontational. He was genuinely shocked by the possibility that I could be making such a statement. The look of confusion on his face was proof that this was a message he had never heard before.

I wish I could say I was surprised by this young man’s question, but I wasn’t. Young men in classes often tell me that I am the first adult to ever tell them that sex is not a good choice to make.

My parents, and family in general, seem to disagree with the opinion that children should remain abstinent in high school, but I have to thank you for reinforcing that thought in my head.

In a day of STD rates at epidemic level proportions among teens, not to mention teen pregnancy/fatherlessness issues, how could it be possible that some teen boys are not being told that sex is not a good choice? I think it is because many parents and adults have bought into the notion that “Boys will be boys!”

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My Week in Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Driving at sunset - rear view mirrorLast week was quite a week! I drove almost 700 miles and spoke to more than 2,500 students in seven schools in five towns.


As much as I despise driving, it was actually refreshing to travel through small towns where life seems so much simpler than life in a big city. I was constantly tempted to pull over to take pictures of perfectly lined trees in pecan orchards, people sitting on benches in quaint little town squares or the elderly gentleman sitting on his tractor at the edge of his yard waving at every passing car.

There’s also something fulfilling about speaking to students in small towns who attend schools that may not have the resources of schools in larger cities. You can almost see the hunger on the students’ faces. In most of the schools I visited last week, the students were so attentive that you would have thought I had honey dripping from my lips. It was as if they were hearing things they had never heard before, and they were eating it up.

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A Mother’s Warning about Social Media…



Last week I received a very disturbing and heartbreaking email message from a mother who follows my blog. She asked me to share her email message with my readers so they will never experience what her family has experienced.


Her letter:

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