Discover How a 26-year-old Man Found Peace After Giving up Sex

One of the perks of my job is that I get to meet so many awesome young people. Several of whom I’ve also had the privilege of mentoring. These young adults not only walk the walk by practicing abstinence post high-school/college, but they also talk the talk by sharing their insight and experiences with middle and high school students, parents and/or anyone who’ll listen.

My mentees are one of the reasons why I remain encouraged to continue teaching my unique brand of Sex-Ed message. They prove that it can and does resonate with both girls and guys, including mentee Korey Harris.

An Interview with Korey

At 26 years old, Korey is a student-athlete, author and entrepreneur with his own athletic training company. He has also been celibate for more than two years.

I recently sat down with Korey to get his take on sex, practicing abstinence, what it means to be a man, the impact of absentee fathers and a host of topics you’re not going to want to miss! Over the next few weeks I will share clips from our discussions in a series of blog posts entitled, A Conversation with Korey.

The Benefits Far Outweigh the Sacrifice

Check out what Korey says are the benefits of being celibate in today’s post.

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