From Boys to Men: How a Slew of Guys Confirmed 7 Secrets was Worth Writing

If I had to sum up the whirlwind that was last week, I’d have to say it was “Man-tastic!” ?

Last week I had the privilege of participating in four separate events. Each one presented the opportunity to share 7 Secrets with guys of ALL ages, and boy did they get it!

It all started last Tuesday when I was joined by my friend and former teaching partner, Michael Calloway, in hosting a FREE post-Father’s Day webinar, The Daddy-Daughter Dynamic: How Engaged Fathers Lead to Empowered Daughters.

Let me tell you, if you didn’t sign-up for this free online training, you missed a treat!

Michael and I shared life-affirming information, including material from Chapter 6 of 7 Secrets, with almost 100 caring fathers and mothers of teen girls. In just over an hour, we provided them with 8 actionable tips to empower their daughters to avoid or ditch “daddy issues” and become healthy, confident, and successful young ladies who know their worth in and outside of a relationship.

I was elated that 30% of the attendees were dads! We also received some of the most thoughtful questions from concerned fathers searching for advice on how to be even more engaged in their daughters’ lives. 

It truly did my heart good, and served as confirmation that The Daddy-Daughter Dynamic is alive and well! And guess what? I plan to offer it again, so stay tuned for more details in future posts.

Moving FORWARD   

FC CrowdNext up was the #ForwardConference last Thursday through Saturday, hosted by Jentezen Franklin and Free Chapel. It was my first time attending this Christian youth conference, and I had no idea how HUGE it was.

Imagine being in the midst of a sold-out crowd of 13,000 youth jam-packed in an arena having fun praising and worshipping God! As a Christian adult, it was an awesome sight to behold.

There I was set up as the last booth on vendor alley displaying my full catalog of healthy relationship resources for teen girls, guys and their parents, with my book front and center.

I knew the Lord blessed me with a catchy title, but it was amazing to see how 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You caught the attention of guys.

From young teens to older men, every guy who stopped by my vendor table was curious to discover what the secrets were, and how I knew them.

One after one, my team and I would invite guys young and old to read the secrets in the book.

Again, and again, they nodded in agreement.

FCBusDriversEven the bus drivers who came into the arena just to use the restroom couldn’t resist stopping by my table to inquire about the secrets. They confirmed that the secrets haven’t changed since they were teens and felt adult women needed to know them as well.  

The principal of an alternative high school in southern AL, and father of two teen daughters encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing because he knew better than most just how critical the message is.

One youth leader was so convinced of the value 7 Secrets could bring to a teen girl’s life, that he came back and donated $17 to bless a girl who couldn't afford to purchase a book with a copy.

FCBoysAnd then there was the group of hilarious, full-of-life, 13-year-old go-getters (shout out to Ethan, Logan, Vincent and Alex), who volunteered to become my “Street Team.” Every day, they walked the halls of the venue passing out my wristbands with a copy of 7 Secrets to help promote it. Their sales pitch was so persuasive, they sold several copies including to a man who didn’t even have a daughter. Not only did the boys sell copies to other attendees, but Vincent purchased one himself and they each vowed to take turns reading it.

I took a break from the Forward Conference on Saturday to go speak at the #ManUP! Live Youth Edition for guys and girls, hosted by Founder and Praise 102.5 radio personality, KD Bowe.

Several mothers purchased 7 Secrets, but not for their daughters. For their sons, who requested the book. There were also two young men in attendance who asked their mom to bring them to hear me speak Sunday at Word of Faith Love Center. And once again parents purchased copies of my book for their sons.

Each example above and so many more I didn’t share, re-confirmed my purpose for writing the book. 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You is not only valid, but valuable. And not just to girls!

Yes, I wrote 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You: A Teen Girl’s Guide on Love, Sex, and Relationships specifically for teen girls, but I get why mothers would want their sons to read it too. While it gives girls permission to raise their standards and know there are guys out there who will wait. It also challenges guys to raise their standards and be that “Best Guy” who will wait.

Go here to get your copy of 7 Secrets for your daughter and/or your son. Summer is a great time to gift that special young person in your life with a copy. If you don’t have kids, no problem. A niece, a teen you're mentoring, or a friend’s child would be blessed to read it too!

Also, if you didn’t jump on the Graduation Gift Pack promotion I ran, today is the last day to purchase 7 Secrets AND The Sex Talk Every Teen Girl Needs to Hear DVD for ONLY $25.99. You may purchase the package here.

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