How to Help Physically Present, Emotionally Absent Fathers Engage with Their Daughters

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Last week when Dr. Tartt and I discussed the (dad)vantages of an actively engaged father in a teen girl's life, we both knew we'd have to address the moms out there whose daughters haven't been able to reap the benefits.

Typically, when the subject of disengaged fathers comes up, we think of fathers who do NOT live in the home with their daughters.

Of course, this is a legitimate issue of concern. And believe me, it's one I receive countless letters from girls about.

But you know what's also true?

I receive numerous letters from girls whose dads ARE physically present in the home with them but are still emotionally absent.

The result? These girls don't get to enjoy those (dad)vantages.

Me and my dad do not have a father and daughter relationship. We live in the same house, but don’t even see or talk to each other. If we do talk, we argue and fight. So, when you said girls with daddy problems have sex, it made sense to me.

My father has always been around but is very unsupportive of me. We argue a lot because he feels I’m not the daughter he wanted. We talk, but not very much. I feel that’s the reason I do the things I do because I’ve always kind of wanted to be loved and accepted by a male figure.

Worried your daughter could say the same about her dad?

Hold on for help!

From Emotionally Absent to Actively Engaged

In today's post, Dr. Tartt sheds light on why some dads can be physically present in the home, while remaining emotionally absent from their daughters' lives.

And, if this is the case at your house, how to help her father progress from emotionally absent to actively engaged.

I think we both know nagging never works on men. wink

My suggestion?

Share the clip below with your husband and let Dr. Tartt say what you can't.

One more thing…baby steps!

Your daughter's relationship with her father didn't get to this point overnight. It's going to take time to build it up to the point where she gets to reap the (dad)vantages.

Or, maybe your daughter's father is not in the home and barely involved in her life. Making it difficult to foster a positive relationship between the two.

You don't want to miss next week when Dr. Tartt speaks to your specific situation.

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See you next week!

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