National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Kickoff

Welcome to the kickoff of my blog post series in support of National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.

The series is titled:

“Teens Tell All: Top 20 Reasons Why Teens DO and DON’T Have Sex”

Check out the video below to learn more about the series.



I’m excited about you joining me this month on this educational journey inside the world of teens.

Why do you think teens make the decision to have sex? Please leave a comment below with your answer. Also, make sure you have joined my email list so you can receive all the posts in the series to find out whether you guessed correctly.


  1. Barbara says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I enjoyed your video and I'm so excited for what you are doing for our teens.  As a Patient Care Advocate, I counsel teens and young women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy, at The Pregnancy Center of Johns Creek.  We show these girls that we care about them and their well-being, and that they are not alone.  I appreciate all that you are doing and I look forward to reading your blog.

    God Bless you,


  2. Wm. Kelly Canady says:

    Once again, you have presented a "Class Act" in your intro video.  I am looking forward to the blog journey and learning/sharing what is going on with our teens.  I had a meeting with two high school male students that recently completed my abstinence ed class in March.  Both, very bright, intelligent students.  Strong nuclear families.  They were telling me about their sexual experiences since that class, which totally tore me apart!  I was sitting there dealing with this confusing scenerio of hearing their risky sexual behaviors- trying to feel rewarded that they trusted me enough to come talk about their activities, but also feeling somewhat deflated that what I had taught apparently didn't stick!  Of course, they weren't going to be allowed to leave my office without me posing the enduring question, "What part of the course did you think didn't apply directly to you?"  That was just one question.  I mainly reviewed the physical and emotional consequences with them, to which they agreed with my position and that they had made very risky choices.  In my position, I feel frustrated with sounding too parental and hitting them too hard with the facts, which could result in pushing them away from coming back, to allowing them to talk freely and me being a contrained active listener.  History shows that they will come back (because they are wanting to talk and hear the truth), and I'll have another chance to "shake" them into reality.  But, the other side of the coin is they (and their friends) will probably continue with more risky behaviors until the "truth" soaks into their maturing intellegence.  Praying that nothing life-changing happens in the meantime. So, it's back to 'throwing starfish into the sea" today, with 3 abstinence ed classes of middle school students!   Thanks, Jackie!  I feel better now! God bless you, Kelly

    • Kellly,

      Though we want to save them ALL from bad decision-making; the reality is that noone has a 100% success rate (even those whose goal is to get them to have "safe" sex). They can never unlearn what they have learned. Even if they forget it for some period of time or it takes a while before it sinks in, the knowledge will always be there. I believe that what they learned from Mr. Canady will make a difference in their lives, even if it is YEARS from now. Just keeping throwing those starfish into the ocean. It is making a difference for MANY! Be encouraged and blessed! Jackie

  3. GREAT video Jackie. I'm looking forward to reading your posts this month. 

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