The #1 Issue Facing Teen Girls Today? Hint: It’s Probably Not What You Think!

For years, moms have approached me to “counsel” their daughters one-on-one. Hoping I can determine whether underlying issues have contributed to them making poor sexual decisions. And I get it. Teen girls’ sexual … [Continue reading]

Celebrating One Year, 7 Secrets & 3,000+ Girls Impacted

One year. 7 Secrets. 3,000+ girls impacted. Either from reading 7 Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You themselves or from learning about the Secrets during my presentations. Unlocking the 7 Secrets has made it possible for me to educate and … [Continue reading]

How I’m Expanding Your Daughter’s Pool of Guys She Could Marry

People ask me all the time why I focus on teen girls in my posts.  “What about the guys?” they ask. And I get the concern. We’ve been guilty as a culture of blaming and shaming girls for their sexual decisions. … [Continue reading]

What Teen Guys “Get” About Commitment That Teen Girls Don’t!

In last week’s post, I talked about how girls view sex as “forever,” and guys do not.  It is the same thing with commitment. Teen girls imagine a “happily ever after” while guys think “we’re monogamous … [Continue reading]

Knowing This One Thing Can Help Your Daughter Bypass #Back2School Heartache

Wow! I can’t believe we’ve already reached the end of my #Back2School with Jackie B series. I was excited to share this series with you because so much of what happens in a teen girl’s life happens at school. Good and … [Continue reading]

Three #Back2School Conversations You NEED to Have With Your Daughter!

teen daughter and mother talking

Welcome back to my #Back2School with Jackie B blog post series. I hope you’ve found the first two posts to be helpful for both you and your daughter as she kicks off a new school year. You especially want to make sure your daughter has … [Continue reading]

10 Things Every Girl Needs for #Back2School You Won’t Find on a Supply List

Welcome back to the second post of my #Back2School with Jackie B. series. If you live in the Southeast like I do, you’re probably cart-deep in #Back2School shopping for your daughter.  New clothes. New uniforms. New backpack. … [Continue reading]

Three A+ Tips to Help Your Daughter Have a Distraction-Free School Year

Time to kick-off the new school year with my #Back2School with Jackie B blog post series! I am as excited about this series as I am about returning to the classroom. Why? Because I get to share strategies you can use to help prepare … [Continue reading]

#Back2School Burdens or Blessings: Which Will Define Your Daughter’s Year?

Wow! It’s hard to believe that next week, July 31st to be exact, is the first day of school in the two counties where I spend most of my days speaking. My how times have changed! Never in a million years could I have ever imagined … [Continue reading]

It’s Not Responsible. It’s Not Fashionable. Anal Sex is Risky Teen Behavior!

About 9 or 10 years ago, I’ll never forget how shocked I was when I received multiple questions from 8th grade girls at a private middle school about the safety of anal sex. They wanted to know whether they would still be a virgin and … [Continue reading]