What a Difference a Dad Makes: How Engaged Fathers Empower Their Daughters

Happy father applying chocolate spread on croissant for daughter in domestic room

There’s a lot of attention paid to the negative impact of fatherlessness on daughters, and I am the first to tell you that it is a real issue with many of the girls I teach.

However, in honor of Father’s Day, I’d like to flip that around and focus on the positive impact of fathers who are actively engaged in their daughters’ lives.

Especially when it comes to their decisions regarding love, sex, and relationships.

The following are three ways daughters are empowered in their dating decisions by actively engaged dads.

  1. They lean in to positive parent pressure. In the same way that positive “peer” pressure influences girls like your daughter to make healthy choices (like abstaining), having an engaged father influences them to make healthy choices too.  In this case, her goal isn’t to fit in with peers she likes and wants to impress, but to keep from disappointing her dad, whom she loves and wants to make proud.

If I had sex, not only would I regret doing something I can’t take back, but my dad knowing I didn’t respect myself would hurt him emotionally too.

  1. They welcome the advantage they have. A teen girl with an actively engaged father is like an investor with an insider trading tip. She knows her dad gives her access to “confidential” information about boys, and she confidently reaps the rewards.

This year, for my fourteenth Valentine’s Day, my dad is taking me out on a ‘daddy-daughter’ date and showing me how a boy should treat me on a real date.

  1. They recognize rules are for their own good. When actively engaged dads are strict about things like curfews, appropriate attire or dating age, their daughters may not like it, but they understand those rules are coming from a place of love. And deep, deep, DEEP down, they appreciate it too. ?

Now I understand why my dad is so protective of me and my sister.

Diving into The Daddy-Daughter Dynamic

As you can see from the quotes above, dad do make a difference!!

And those are just three ways girls are empowered by having actively engaged fathers in their lives.

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