Why it’s Irresponsible to Deny Counseling to Teen Girls

Welcome back to the sixth post of my Let's Talk Teens series featuring Dr. Tartt. With only one more remaining, now is the time to get caught up if you've missed any of the five previous posts. 

Today, Dr. Tartt and I discuss what I believe is the missing puzzle piece for many teen girls who, for various reasons, are not emotionally whole.

As I've mentioned before, these are the girls who stay after class bawling in my arms.

Or the ones who write me letters three-pages long.

Either way, the girls often reveal secrets their mothers aren't even aware of. The kind I'm sometimes mandated to report.

These young ladies come to me seeking counsel. So, I listen and offer whatever comfort and insight I can. Then I strongly encourage them to tell their mothers, and seek professional therapy.

After that it's up to their moms to pursue it.

Would you?

Don't Allow Shame to Keep Your Daughter Bound

It breaks my heart when I urge girls to seek counseling, and they tell me that their moms don't believe in it.

In 2017, it's sad to see that there's still a stigma associated with therapy.

Do these moms (and dads), want their daughters to get the help they need?

Of course, they do!

Unfortunately, shame surrounding the situation and circumstances has a way of forcing the need for counseling to take a backseat.

Especially when the circumstances involve issues such as sexual abuse or pornography.

Watch the video below to hear Dr. Tartt describe why foregoing therapy is "irresponsible."

You know what I wish?

That the need for therapy wasn't so great.  But I've witnessed time and time again what happens when girls don't have access to professional counseling. 

Far too many are walking around in emotional bondage.

Let's not allow shame to keep our daughters from getting the help they need. Not when therapy can help set them free. 

Tough Conversations Open the Door to Therapy

You can't seek therapy for your daughter until you first open up the lines of communication and engage her in conversation.

How else will you know what help your daughter needs?

For many moms, having these conversations with their daughters is easier said than done.


Some don't know what to say at all. Or they're afraid they'll mess up and say the wrong thing.

Others haven't had much success getting their daughters to open up in the past. And they don't know how to move past the awkward silence towards meaningful dialogue. 

Can you relate?

Imagine if the issue your daughter's struggling with is pornography or rape/molestation?

How would you handle talking to your daughter about abstaining when you didn't wait yourself?

These are the tough conversations countless moms have asked me to have with their daughters on their behalf because they didn't feel equipped to do so themselves. 

Are you prepared to have the tough conversations with your daughter?

If your answer is "No," I'm here to help!

Next week on Black Friday I will debut my new e-course, How to Have the Tough Conversations. I created it for concerned moms like you, who feel ill-equipped to have these intimate discussions with their daughters.

Just like there's no shame in seeking therapy for your daughter. There's also no shame in seeking additional coaching as a parent. It's a win-win for both you and your daughter!

Check your emails for updates about my new How to Have the Tough Conversations e-course debuting on Black Friday.  And open the door to your daughter receiving the help she needs.

Until then, if your daughter has benefitted from professional counseling and you don't mind sharing, we'd love to hear your experience.

Also, when was the last tough conversation you had with your daughter? What was it about?

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